2017 and Beyond!

Due to a career change scheduled for next year, I decided to get the next four years worth of CALNDRS software ready early since I won’t have time to do it in March-June of next year like I normally would. (It’s so much easier to create a four-year series that ends in a leap year.)

So they are now ready and on sale in our brand new shopping cart – just click here to order and you can download the files immediately.


Fixing the Large/Medium Index Pages

Somehow the 2014-2016 large and medium index pages showed either the year 2013, or they overlapped 2014/5/6 on top of 2013.  Looks like this:


It’s a simple fix, I rewrote the actions for the following:

2015 English White CALNDRS.atn
2015 English Black CALNDRS.atn
2015 English Rainbow CALNDRS.atn
2015 French White CALNDRS.atn
2015 French Black CALNDRS.atn

2016 English White CALNDRS.atn
2016 English Black CALNDRS.atn
2016 English Rainbow CALNDRS.atn

2016 French White and Black coming soon

(Spanish calendars are also affected, but I’m pretty certain nobody uses these anymore.  If you do, contact me and I’ll get you a fix.)

The fix is simple, just download the .atn files here and follow these 4 steps:
1 – Download the .atn files to your desktop.
2 – Open your C:\CALNDRS\Actions\2015 Actions folder.  Now drag the two 2015 atn files from your desktop into the 2015 Actions folder, overwriting the existing files.
3- IMPORTANT:  If you’ve already loaded the original 2015 actions into Photoshop, remove the existing 2015 English White CALNDRS and 2015 English Black CALNDRS action sets from your Photoshop actions palette.  Multiple identically named action sets cause havoc.
4- Load the newly downloaded 2015 actions into Photoshop.

I created a video showing how it’s done, it’s at the top of the video tutorial page.

When you are ready to start making 2016 calendars, follow the above 4 steps using the 2016 folders and actions.